What are the Minnesota DUI Laws?


Drinking and Driving Laws in Minnesota

The State of Minnesota prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle by drivers with a .08 percent or higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC).The .08 percent limit is the standard measurement used across the United States for the "impaired" driver. Minnesota has lower BAC limits defined for minors (.02 BAC) and commercial drivers (.04 BAC). Minnesota's DWI (driving while intoxicated) law includes impairment by alcohol and drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and barbiturates.

1st DWI Offense
Fourth Degree DWI - Misdemeanor
Jail – Up to 90 Days
Fine - $1,000
License Suspension – Up to 90 Days
License Suspension – 180 Days (If Alcohol Concentration .20 or Above*)
License Suspension – 180 Days (If Passenger Under 16 in Vehicle*)
License Suspension – 1 Year (DWI Test Refusal)
Limited License – Must Wait 15 Days (If There are no *Aggravating Circumstances)
Ignition Interlock Possible

2nd DWI Offense
Third Degree DWI - Gross Misdemeanor
Jail – Up to 1 Year
Fine - $3,000
License Suspension – 180 Days
License Suspension – 360 Days (If Alcohol Concentration .20 or Above)
License Suspension - 360 Days (If Passenger under Age of 16 in Vehicle)
Limited License (Work or School) – Must Wait 90 Days
Ignition Interlock Possible

3rd DWI Offense
Second Degree DWI - Gross Misdemeanor
Jail – Up to 1 Year
Fine - $3,000
License Suspension – Cancelled Indefinitely Pending,
Treatment / Rehabilitation / Abstinence for 1 Year
Ignition Interlock Possible
Administrative License Plate Impoundment (All Vehicles - 1 Year)
Issued Specially Coded Plates

4th DWI Offense
Fourth Drunk Driving Conviction (Within 10 Years of Previous)
First Degree DWI – Felony
Jail – Up to 7 Years
Fine - $14,000
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